Guide to Natural Weight Loss Solutions

Guide to Natural Weight Loss Solutions

When you hear the phrase “natural weight loss,” what thoughts float around your head? – Unprocessed foods? Herbal remedies? Uncooked foods? The answer to natural weight loss is that all three of these thoughts along with a few others are factors in losing weight without any type of physical crutch.

Unprocessed Foods

When it comes to natural weight loss, you need to really examine what foods you put in your mouth every day. If you keep a food journal every day, chances are that you will see a trend towards processed, manufactured foods. It is these foods in particular that contribute greatly to weight gain and will likely have additives, preservatives and a variety of dyes. These things are definitely a contributor to natural weight loss so you must toss them off your diet.

When it comes to devising a diet plan, stick with natural foods that do not have to run through a manufacturing plant to be prepared. Sure, your milk, natural juices and breads obviously have to be pasteurized or baked in a manufacturing plant but there are no chemicals that really alter the integrity of them. It is the chips, Twinkies, powdered mac and cheese and more that you have to worry about when it comes to a natural weight loss plan.

Uncooked Foods

Some people view that to achieve a natural weight loss victory, you must stick with uncooked foods – how you would find them in nature. The cooking process of vegetables, meats and fruits do tend to break down some enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Eating vegetables raw along with fruits can and will bring you great health benefits with more of a vitamin and mineral boost than canning, freezing or even pickling would provide.

Unfortunately, you really cannot eat meat raw due to the variety of different illnesses that you could contract like salmonella poisoning from uncooked chicken. Therefore, your natural weight loss plan should at least include the leanest of meats as well as seafood.

Herbal Remedies

Natural weight loss brings certain connotations of herbals remedies as well as the sticks and twigs mentality. While there are some effective herbs you can take in a tea or supplement form, they should not be depended on solely for losing weight. However, if you feel that a little boost is necessary in meeting your weight loss goals there are a few herbal based remedies that could help decrease your appetite or reduce absorption of fat like chitosan, hoodia or even chromium. If you see ephedra linked with any natural weight loss herbal remedy, do not take it as it has disastrous side effects.

Of course, the most important part of any natural weight loss plan is your consumption of water each day. Water not only flushes your body of toxins that build up but it can also help you eat less as well. A glass of water before each meal and when you “think” you are hungry can make a big impact on your eating habits. No matter what else you incorporate into a natural weight loss plan (like exercise), it should always begin and end with water.

Last Updated - Sunday, May, 08 2011

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