Weight Loss Pill--Get The Facts

Weight Loss Pill--Get The Facts

Many men and women struggle each and every day to lose weight and they often feel that they never get ahead so they turn to a weight loss pill. The only problem is that if it is not a doctor-prescribed medication then chances are that the weight loss pill of choice has not been adequately tested for any harmful side effects.

A weight loss pill should not be used as the sole tool in losing weight but should be viewed realistically as simply a dietary aid. In addition, you have to take all the pill claims with a grain of salt because most of it is not totally substantiated because the FDA does not regulate each weight loss pill unless it is an approved-doctor prescribed one.

Decreasing your Appetite

One problem in losing weight stems from your body, which is sending the wrong signals to your stomach about hunger. A weight loss pill which can suppress the appetite at appropriate times would be ideal and a real boost to your metabolism too. Hoodia is but one weight loss pill that makes the claim of depressing the appetite and supposedly has few, if any, side effects that are hazardous to your health.

Boosting Metabolism

A weight loss pill which can boost metabolism can be a good thing as it will help your body burn more fat and thus lose the weight. You need a high functioning metabolism that a healthy diet, exercise and weight loss pill can bring together to best help you burn fat and build lean muscle. Keep in mind that some pills which supplement the metabolizing factor are not tried and true options from the FDA, so use sparingly.

Blocking Fat Absorption

Blocking fat is a job for another type of weight loss pill but many are not too fond of the side effects of them. There are both prescriptions and over the counter options available and both cause the side effects like flatulence with discharge, gas build-up in the abdomen and other bowel issues. Some people will stick with a pill in this weight-losing genre despite the side effects simply because they have lost weight with it.

Hazardous to your Health

There have also been several weight loss pills on the market over the years that ended up being hazardous to your health. Ephedra and fen-fen are two of the pills that have caused problems, even death, and should therefore be avoided at all costs. The problem is that while the sale of ephedra is banned in a weight loss pill form, this drug can still be found in special teas as well as over the internet. Therefore, it pays to talk with your doctor about the best pill that would suit your lifestyle and dietary needs.

Last Updated - Sunday, May, 08 2011

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