How Fitness and Nutrition are Related

How Fitness and Nutrition are Related

It is common knowledge that eating balanced meals and exercising is a sure fire way of keeping fit. You can stay fit in various ways, but the most popular way is through the food we eat, simply because every single process in the body gets its energy from the food that we eat. Fitness and nutrition, or simply food that we eat, are interrelated in many ways. In short, fitness has to be paired with good nutrition intake. If you indulge in too many bad choices as far as your meals are concerned, your weight may not be controlled through exercise alone. You will be too far too lazy to jump on any exercise equipment and would rather munch on junk while watching TV.

You should always be aware of the number of calories in the food you eat, and compare that with your daily caloric intake according to your age, weight, level of activity, gender and so on. There are many people out there who do not know the actual rates and end up being over weight in no time at all. They feel a little of this and a little of that will do no harm, but if they don’t burn those extra calories, everything adds up.

The general belief is that fitness and nutrition has always been related to maintaining an ideal weight at all times. The fitness and nutrition connection however lies in maintaining the right balance of good food intake, calorie and blood pressure levels, regular exercise and many more health related aspects.

Daily Food Intake and Exercise

We can clearly say that our fitness primarily lies in the food that we eat everyday. If you were to be a vegetarian, and compare yourself with someone who eats meat and fatty food all the time, you can clearly see the difference in the fitness and nutrition levels of you and the other person. While you can run as far as your legs can carry you, the other person might not even make it past the first lap without gasping for air.

So the least you could do it to cut down on fat in your food. But although fat is the one leading to obesity in most cases, but it does not just lie in food intake. A well balanced routine of exercise is also involved. Just cutting down on calorie intake would not help in reducing the levels of unhealthy fats in the body. Both these things have to go hand in hand if fitness and nutrition are to be important priorities in your life.

Last Updated - Sunday, May, 08 2011

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