Proper Nutrition for Kids Every Step of the Way

Proper Nutrition for Kids Every Step of the Way

Unlike adults, nutrition for kids is generally different in the sense that they need more food to keep them active and supply nutrients to their rapidly growing bodies. Kids are very active, regardless of age or gender, and this makes them need more nutritious food than us. From the time they wake up to go to school to coming back from school to playing in the afternoon, they need a constant supply of energy to keep them moving.

And when we say constant, it refers to the supply of nutrients and all the necessary food supply, which comes from their daily food as well as supplement intake. Proper nutrition for kids must always be a priority for parents, for this will help to enforce good lifelong eating habits, which can contribute to their overall health. And this would also help them to grow up to their full potential and lead a healthy life in more ways than one.

Experts say that nutrition for kids is not just bound to their meals like breakfast, lunch and dinner, but can include anything such as intake of junk food to fruit juices and vitamin supplements. The need for each category of food and nutrients is different according to their age. For example, the younger the kid is the more varieties of nutrition sources should be given, for their requirement is such.

Starting from the Basics – Breast Milk

Proper nutrition for kids starts when the child is born. Experts say that for babies, nothing is comparable to the mother’s breast milk, simply because the milk contains every single necessary nutrient and hormones that the child needs for healthy growth. For a baby, the most important part of growth is supported by the well balanced intake of calcium and other needed vitamins and nutrients, and this can not be found even in the most expensive brand of formula.

As They Grow – The Right Food Pyramid

Basic nutrition for kids should contain all essential nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, iron, iodine, vitamins, protein, and others to keep them growing. As we know, nutrition for kids is more demanding than that for adults, simply because of their metabolism rate. In that case, protein and calcium is very essential for them. Protein is important for the growth of body mass, as well as to recover from any illness. Calcium, which builds up the largest part of our bones, is also needed at large amounts during their growth spurts.

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