Teaching Kids about Nutrition

Teaching Kids about Nutrition

Nutrition is a very important aspect of life that every kid should be taught right from the beginning. You may ask why it is necessary to teach kids about nutrition, when most of the time it is us who feeds them with whatever we think is suitable for them. But the kids are not just in front of your eyes all the time. They go to school, their friends’ houses, playgrounds, and to many other places that is beyond your monitoring ability.

That is why it is important to teach kids about nutrition, at least the necessary basics of good eating habits. They should know what can be taken freely and what should not be. They should also know the way how they can control themselves from temptations at school and everywhere else. Most kids who are not exposed to the proper nutritional methods just simply eat anything possible, and pay in the form of obesity or dental trouble.

Younger Kids

The basics of eating are very important because it will teach kids about nutrition especially about the habit of eating in moderation. For younger kids, the focus is on sweets and chips. Although it is not fair to completely stop kids from eating foods like chocolate and soda, it is fair to control their eating habits in these food groups.

Kids generally have a higher metabolism rate than adults. This in a way is good, because no matter how much fatty food they eat, most of the times they will burn it up all - except for when it is beyond control. It is common for us to see kids who are obese these days; their parents never thought it was important to teach kids about nutrition, simply because they did not think kids could have food related health problems. Another situation would be if the parents themselves are like overweight and so it is harder to practice what they preach.

Young Adults

Eating a lot at this age is important, but it should be healthy food. Nothing much needs to be said about young adults, because we know how body conscious they can be especially when they start dating. It is important to teach kids about nutrition before they reach this particular age, because their growth rate has changed, and their metabolism has lowered. So if there was no control to begin with, it could lead to various health problems.

Last Updated - Sunday, May, 08 2011

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