The Future of Jobs in the Nutrition Industry

The Future of Jobs in the Nutrition Industry

Statistics show that the number of people pursuing nutrition as a degree or profession has increased drastically over the past few decades and this apparently will grow even more every year. Reports say that every year almost 100 million Americans visit alternative health practitioners. This clearly shows that for students who want to look for nutrition jobs, there seems to be a bright future ahead. Nutrition jobs here do not just refer to the doctors and health practitioners, but also dieticians, weight loss coaches, lifestyle counselors etc.

After you graduate with a nutrition degree, the first option is to look for a job in the nutrition field. Alternatively you can still go for medical and pharmaceutical jobs, but more to the research side because nutrition here revolves around food and nutrition habits. Generally, the job of a dietician does not require as many years of training as that of the medical health practitioner but it is still important in the health of an individual.


Being a dietician is one of the most famous nutrition jobs. You can find a dietician almost in every town in the country, and at a large general nutrition center there would be many of them to choose from. A dietician’s job is actually very simple; since he is a professional in giving advice on the proper way of eating and providing the best solution of nutritional breakdown according to patients, his job most of the time is interacting with people that come looking for advice.

Advice can be on anything from dieting tips to the nutrition chart discussion to eating disorders and so on. Normally if it is a problematic case, a referral would be given to a treatment center where a doctor can prescribe medication if necessary.

Alternative Health Practitioners

The scope of job for this would be wider, simply because it involves medical treatments and so on. Usually a referral comes from the dietician or another nutrition expert who only provides counsel, not prescriptions. Treatments can range from psychological treatments to medications or supplements needed by the patients. Most of the time, the serious cases would be those of malnutrition, and as the case gets complicated, several treatments may be required to cure the issue at hand. As a whole, among the many nutrition jobs out there, more people opt for this because it is more challenging.

This however does not mean that there is no future for the other types of nutrition jobs. In fact, there is equal opportunity everywhere, as the need for nutritional experts is here to stay.

Last Updated - Sunday, May, 08 2011

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