The abc's of Children’s Nutrition

The abc's of Children’s Nutrition

Children’s bodies are constantly growing and they require proper nutrition in order not to develop any disorders or deficiencies. Vitamins are important for your child because his immune system is developing and by making it strong, he will be ready to fight problems in the future.

However, over dosing your child with vitamins is not good either. Therefore knowing the basics of children’s nutrition is extremely important. Here are a few easy ways in which you can educate yourself and thus ensure that you provide your child with the right nutrition.

Consult the Doctor

Knowing your child’s state of health will help you draw the best nutrition plan for him or her and you can only do that with the help of the doctor. Regular check ups will allow you to keep on top of what you child is lacking in and therefore must be added as a supplement to his or her diet. Also keep in mind what your child’s has in excess as that too can cause harm him, even if it is just vitamins and minerals. A child nutrition plan should be worked out with the doctor as only he or she can give you the right and current information.

Balanced Meals

Children’s nutritious diet should contain fresh fruits and vegetables from which he will get a variety of vitamins and minerals as an alternative to a boring pill. Dairy products will provide your child naturally with calcium, which is extremely important for your child as his bones need strength.

Healthy children’s nutrition will contain whole grains, which contain iron and also help to maintain the regular functioning of the body. Yet another very important factor in children’s nutrition is the consumption of water and other liquids, which children and parents seem to neglect and that can cause major complications in the future.

Expend the energy of balanced meals with regular, age-appropriate exercise. Enroll them in sports classes or just toss a Frisbee in the yard. What the activity is not as important as having one and doing it regularly.

Portion Sizes

All parents like to see their children have a healthy appetite especially when they have made something special. However, remember that feeding your child large portions will end up in excess weight in the long run, which will make your child sick and unhappy. Therefore, last but not least children’s nutrition should also take in consideration portion size. Educate yourself today for the sake of your child, who will thank you tomorrow.

Last Updated - Sunday, May, 08 2011

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